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Timing is Everything!

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Daft Bastard.jpg Anyone familiar with military operations knows the importance of timing. Coordination across disparate units and disciplines is often necessary to achieve objectives. No one is more keenly aware of this than veterans of the far-flung operations of the Black Watch .

Fortunately, today's digital technology allows for precise timing of operations. Files can be distributed and unlocked at scheduled times or upon events, logistical considerations can be preplanned.

Prestaged ops are like dominoes set up to fall when triggered. A tiny change like a zero to a one in a digital circuit can occur in innumerable ways, based on sensor inputs, predefined logic, a timer, a cell phone call.

The change of state can switch a solid-state relay, detonate an explosive device, start a transmission, or any number of outcomes. It can also release a file drop with instructions to a previously embedded cell.

Signals can be anything agreed upon by contacts, helping to mitigate tracking and surveillance by adversaries. The simple use of an exclamation point rather than a period in a sentence can be used to set off a cascade of events that run like clockwork!

The Panther's Claw.jpg Case in point, the key dropped at Bidi Bidi, Uganda unlocks files relating to local ops in East Africa. It also completes the final key combination controlling global operations.

To obtain the gated key you need a magic puff dragon set for maximum discombobulation. Later you will need a hex wand . Three passwords are required, each containing two words separated by a space. The first letter of each word is capitalized.

The initial password is the name of the person who confirms the covenant in Daniel 9:27. The second is the title of the person at the head of the little horn power of Daniel 7:8 along with the name of the hill associated with his temple and rule. The third is the name of the city on seven hills in Revelation 17:9 and the name of the country it is located in.

The final countdown has begun and online recruitment for the final assault on the Vatican is in full swing. Truth bombs are the weapon of choice and thirty years of digitized evidence is in play.

Those who are interested in participating and who have obtained the final key should be seeking " de wey " to Wakanda. If you find it and pass the tests you will receive training. This page summarizes what can be revealed in a public space.

You cannot understand the master code wheel without face to face training, some things cannot be revealed over the Internet. However, this video is very helpful in understanding how the endgame plays out, several stages are already complete. Good luck!

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