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This is the SNAFU ( Situation Normal: All Fucked Up ) Edition
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Trudeau vs Canada


Faith Vets
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White Rabbit
11 Jul 2022 12:29:05AM @whiterabbit:

White Rabbit
11 Jul 2022 12:54:24AM @whiterabbit:



Someone wanted to know what Q was...
So I made this graphic and posted HERE

That was a long time ago sunshine.
Are we awake yet?

Go HERE for a music video with comms embedded

White Rabbit
11 Jul 2022 01:39:13AM @whiterabbit:

For most people, that path is too difficult
However, HERE is a short rap video
With links to deeper info
Notice the URL?

Now if you've seen that and followed the links you should realize by now
what most people call reality is just a fantasy

White Rabbit
11 Jul 2022 01:51:57AM @whiterabbit:

Once you come "to terms" with reality, almost like Neo in the Matrix
What are you going to do to wake others and fight the evil?