White Rabbit

Storm Whispers

album: The Hatter is Mad
category: Storm
streams: 360,854
video file: 24.6MB, 00:02:49

Removed from youtube. This video holds a message available to those willing to dig beneath the surface.

This is a steganography file to help newbies understand the master code wheel. Follow these steps 1-8 to decode it.

1) Watch the video ABOVE for visual clues.

2) Download Audio File: http://bit.ly/stormwhispers

3) Install the "Deep Sound" steganography program: http://jpinsoft.net/deepsound

4) Use that program to open the "Spiritual Instrumental" .wav download. It asks for a password so enter: iffadjpbq (IFF Adjustment pbq)

5) Extract the hidden Whispers 320 MP3. Reverse the audio file to listen. Free program: http://www.audacityteam.org/download/

6) The Whispers 320 MP3 refers to a massive data drop that can be accessed only by those who understand the Master Code Wheel of the PINK BUNNIES. Training is available - HERE.

7) The star of David (as visually referenced) is useful for coding Hebrew but read THIS to understand why it (and modern Israel) are not what they appear to be. 

8) Want to be "in the loop". Get with the program! IFF codes change constantly. Why? It puts frowns on clowns, who stare at hares. They spin their wheels, while we feed seals. They fall in holes, dug by moles!!!