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MYSTERIES UNVEILED By William A. Redding The Hoary Past Comes Forward with Astonishing Messages for the Prophetic Future
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Reformers Interpretations of Anti-Christ
A chart showing who taught the papacy is anti-Christ.
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ROGUE AGENTS - The Cercle and the 6I in the Private Cold War
A confidential forum of European leaders who sought to promote the vision of a Catholic and conservative Europe... the Cercle focused on domestic subversion, using its network of propaganda and intelligence veterans to attack...
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Rulers of Evil
Proof of a vast Roman Catholic sub-stratum of American history -- more specifically, that Jesuits played eminent and underappreciated roles in the American Revolution and its resulting constitutional republic. Rulers of Evil analyzes the hundreds of historical clues...
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Behind the Dictators
A Factual Analysis of the Relationship of Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism by L. H. LEHMANN
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Quotes About Jesuits
Quotes by authors and famous people about the infamous Jesuit Order.
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