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    Lyrics by the Mad Hatter
    Vocals By the White Rabbit
    Music - "Spanish Winter" - The Passion HiFi

    Gladio Rap

    The Vatican
    Be at it again
    Said temporal power
    to the Lotus flower

    Get your red pill
    Atlantic Council
    Headin' to trial
    Evil on speed dial

    Gladio 2
    More swamp stew
    Served up thick
    With a bag of tricks

    Fools - playing for the wrong side
    Tools - goin' take a bad ride
    Soon - so be prepared
    The moon - plays truth or dare

    What rules the night
    Brings dark to light
    Don't fear the sun
    Or the devil's gun

    Quantum... It's very old
    The story... has long been told

    Love Broken Bones
    Men - call them names
    Skulls cry in shame...


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