• About Us


    We were formed over 30 years ago by a Protestant military chaplain. For those who prefer a scholarly approach and are versed in theology, download this PDF - The Papacy is the Anti-Christ

    We have worked for decades behind the scenes to expose the nefarious activities of the Vatican and its global control structures. Where possible, evidence has been released to the public.

    It is evident that the Q team is well aware of the Vatican's infiltration and corruption of American political structures because they linked to this post which was stored on the CIA website.

    We support their efforts to wake the public and reform the system. We find congruence in efforts to end the political manipulation and corruption of Rome.

    This network provides content management tools, groups, forums, chat, etc.  Training on comms is provided for those who would like to know more than can be revealed publically.  

    Due to the extreme corruption of government institutions, the blatant SecureDrop trap, and the Wikileaks issues, it is evident that a different approach to the publishing of volatile information is required.

    Our core team is copying our non-public files, distributing them to as many countries as possible, and planning a coordinated publishing blitzkrieg from multiple outlets at once. To overcome censorship and blackouts, media hijacking may be necessary. 

    We are confident that a massive simultaneous worldwide public awakening will result in a populous so infuriated by the truth, that they will rise up and eliminate the wicked by force. Psychological trauma from the nature of the files, mass riots, vigilante justice, resistance, and retribution by the entrenched elite, make this an option of last resort.

    The Vatican is going down the easy way or the hard way, but make no mistake they are going down. The Fall of Rome cannot be stopped at this point. The evidence against them is irrefutable, inescapable, undeniable, unconscionable, horrific, and disturbing in the extreme.

    They represent blood-curdling, bone-chilling evil, hiding behind a facade of religious pageantry. Their crimes extend to the corruption of governments and institutions worldwide and reach into the darkest depths of pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, and child sacrifice.

    For detailed information on our genesis and activities please read this and the material linked to it. The Final Countdown has already started, so be prepared.