Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God The Takeaway In recent years, the Catholic Church has faced countless accusations of child abuse, cover ups and institutional secrets. The cases number in the thousands. And all of them are horrific. But one of...
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As UN Torture Committee Probes Vatican, Sex-Abuse Survivors Urge Church to End Decades-Long Cover-up Democracy Now! News - The U.N. Committee on Torture sharply questioned the Vatican this week over its handling of sexual abuse inside the Catholic Church. The hearing came just four months...
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Gladio Rap
Gladio Rap The Hatter is Mad Rap

Lyrics by the Mad Hatter
Vocals - White Rabbit
Music - Free Loop

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Pink Performs White Rabbit Mohamed Nagi Drum & Bass i love this song and very good drumer >>
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The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse [Audio] LSE Podcasts Speaker(s): Geoffrey Robertson | Editor's note: This lecture contains sexually explicit language and/or profanity, please do not download if you may be offended. The Case of the Pope delivers a...
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Pink Floyd - Breathe shanetrax acoustic cover acoustic guitar cover of pinkfloyds breathe with drum & bass backing track...
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U.N. report on Catholic Church draws hard line on child sexual abuse WBEZ's Worldview Catholic Church The U.N.Com­mit­tee on the Rights of the Child announced its findings from a report on Vat­ic­an policies to­ward child sexu­al ab­use. The report declared that the Vatican should take steps to...
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