Pepe Il Bandito

A dirty rotten backstabbing bastard and proud of it. Lies, cheats, steals, and pimps (even his sister Shiela). Perhaps the best poker player on the planet and proud of that too. He is good for just two things, calling opposites day and winning poker games.

As long as there is a high stakes poker game to be played and a bottle of Tequila around, you will find him at the table. Beware his Merovingian , he took the pirate's leg last time just for badness. Now Patchy is pissed and patching the codes like a madman.

Now we are dealing in Jacques to handle Pepe's French connection. I know, it's confusing, why have such people on your team? Why indeed?

You see, there are some things rats won't do, so for that you have lawyers. There are some things lawyers won't do and for that, you have black ops. There are some things black ops won't do, and for those things you have Pepe.

Besides, Pepe is part of the family. Rabbits are notoriously amorous and in his youth, the White Rabbit had a thing going with Pepe's sister. He still carries a torch for her and Pepe likes being an Uncle. It's a story old as time, a little bit like this video but without all the gunplay - El Paso