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Direct comms come in many different forms (q posts - 1713, 1715,1826)

By: White Rabbit
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A video and accompanying article on how to achieve secure comms  was already done. Also in the ongoing Final Countdown we link a number of steganography techniques and discuss the use of strategy in a broad sense.

Here I want to give a concrete example in more detail. Below is a layered image with a Pixelknot steganography embed (hidden message). That in itself is fairly mundane and not what makes this powerful. There are different things going on at different levels, the message you take away will depend on who you are.

This was a statement by Q in post 1826 - U.S. Air Force B-52 [Precision Bombs] . Forget for a moment if it has a hidden meaning or should be taken at face value. Real bombs or information bombs, that's not under discussion here.

I will simply show you a way of communicating the same idea in a different form (as Q discusses in post 1713). At the same time I will help "red pill" normies, communicate by hidden message to the more adept, but also give a message to those in our SS (direct face to face training required - offline).

Please study the picture below and see what it is communicating. Can web bot "spiders" that crawl the web and index everything read images or just text? Does AI do well with images, especially those that express the subtleties of human thought and humor? Why do you think the "overlords" want to ban memes?

Think Pink.jpg

Modus Operandi

  1. It is the foolish things that confound the wise. ( 1 Cor. 1:27) Give them a reason to write it off as yet another silly meme from a crackpot. If it gets your message where it needs to go, that's all that matters.

  2. Use multiple layers. Which is the real message? One could hone in on the humor of switching the M for an O in bombs and spelling something different, based on the location of the word. Then hinting to it with Modus Operandi. Someone might write that off as some political incorrect memester trying to be cute - let them.

  3. Some might just assume it's a "cutesy" way to express U.S. Air Force B-52 [Precision Bombs] in visual form. Hell, their "Love Shack" song even has "bang,bang" in the lyrics, so one could even grab that video reference and "go for the dank".

  4. However, in reality there is a deeper level. A hidden message in "geek speak". A direct comm to someone who understands quantum computing. 3VL , the strong Kleene K3 rules of logic to be precise, can be used in a specific way. An assignment of values allows future comms to have a reference point.

  5. If you open the picture in Pixelknot and put in the password Think Pink (given as a layer in the image) you will find some info about quantum. The hidden information is not "top secret" (so not very carefully hidden). It is simply a building block along the way to establishing a comm protocol, to interface one existing comm system to another.

  6. There was a Star Trek episode called Darmok where communication difficulties were explored. It is highly illustrative of some of the problems. More to the point, how can patriots and whitehats in the system establish comms without the blackhats intercepting them?

  7. After all of those legitimate ways of interpreting the image are explored, there is yet the message to our SS. The TH and the P were separated from the ink in Think Pink just by the location on the page. THP means something to those who have been trained, It relates to IFF protocols and I won't say more. The name of the font used was also important.

The corruption of the system has forced some to think "outside of the box", to develop their own "pig latin", their own methods and comm language(s). Synchronicity, understanding across the artificially imposed divisions of the current order, will lead to unimagined strength. If only these difficulties can be overcome, many will wake and good will triumph over evil. No wonder the censorship is ramping up exponentially, they fear the "meme magic"!!!.