The Black Panther

Training Sessions

Training Sessions

Wednesday October 20 2021, 6:00 PM
@ Jerusalem, Israel
Attendees:  @White Rabbit@codynomad@Ohm63

rhodin.jpg The Final Countdown has begun, the last key was dropped and coordinated ops are now running worldwide.

New recruits who have obtained the final key should attempt to find " de wey ". Super High Intensity Training (S.H.I.T.) is available HERE .

More online distance learning, including a boot-camp, is located HERE . It is a good start but nothing of a sensitive nature can be revealed online, nor can it be revealed to the unqualified. Some things must be taught in person and only to those who possess proven qualities.

For that, you must leave the digital world behind and " run the gauntlet ". It is the human component of the screening process where would-be infiltrators meet their Waterloo. The demux of a logic circuit is an apt symbol to describe the function. One way in, many ways out, only one is " de wey ".

Download and read this PDF. You must travel through Wakanda in complete privation and prove yourself under harsh conditions. " Da braddars " must " taste your heart ", to know if it contains self-sacrificing love.

You must be willing to risk life and limb to protect children from predators, to defend the faith, to speak truth to power, to remain loyal to your brethren even when faced with torture and death.

200pxQuantum_computer.svg  Copy 2.png If you survive the tests, a contact in Kampala will direct you to a training center. Theology, history, cryptology, quantum physics, music, are among the topics covered. The first level comm language and IFF codes are revealed.

Some very graphic files will serve to motivate you to fight the absolute evil that clothes itself in robes of righteousness and deceives the whole world. You will become part of the resistance, a soldier in the army of God.