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ROGUE AGENTS - The Cercle and the 6I in the Private Cold War

ROGUE AGENTS - The Cercle and the 6I in the Private Cold War

ROGUE AGENTS - The Cercle and the 6I in the Private Cold War

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Le Cercle.jpg The Cercle Pinay was founded in 1952-53 as a confidential forum of European leaders who sought to promote the vision of a Catholic and conservative Europe and like Gladio to (ostensibly) oppose the threat of Communism.

Shrouded in secrecy, the Cercle brought together statesmen such as Antoine Pinay, Konrad Adenauer, Franz Josef Strauß, Giulio Andreotti, Otto von Habsburg, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller, as well as top figures from the European and American intelligence services .

...the Cercle focused on domestic subversion, using its network of propaganda and intelligence veterans ...

Amongst Cercle intelligence contacts are former operatives from the American CIA, DIA and INR, Britain's MI5, MI6 and IRD, France's SDECE, Germany's BND, BfV and MAD, Holland's BVD, Belgium's Sûreté de l'Etat, SDRA and PIO, apartheid South Africa's BOSS, and the Swiss and Saudi intelligence services.

Politically, the Cercle complex has interlocked with the whole panoply of international right-wing groups: the Paneuropean Union, the European Movement, CEDI, the Bilderberg Group, WACL, Opus Dei, the Moonies, Western Goals and the Heritage Foundation.

How many governments and leaders were "played" by this charade? Rome and the pan-European elites formed the EU and have a global agenda . Just like the initial synarchy formed when pagan Rome absorbed Christianity, any expedient alliance is acceptable, as long as Rome remains the head and the elites stay in control.

Chrislam, gnosticism, satanism, paganism, and a thousand other isms hide beneath the ecumenical robes of the Papacy. Roman Catholicism was never about truth or fidelity to the word of God. It is about power and political control. Religion is but a guise, a front, a thin veneer to make palatable Rome's globalist agenda of temporal power over all.

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