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Dance With The Devil

Dance With The Devil

Sunday August 26 2018, 4:45 AM
@ Kenya
Attendees:  @White Rabbit@Ohm63

The Devils Ballroom.jpg If you wish to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight, it's best to raid his armory first. The Devil's Gun  is a formidable weapon, the key to a successful mission. What can hide in picture form is sometimes more powerful than what is real.

At a secret location near Kisii, known only to a few, your Boda Boda guide will take you to The Devil's Ballroom.

From Nairobi, it is past Hell's Gate, deep in the Mau forest area of the Rift Valley. It is beyond where tourists venture and villagers frequent, even your guide will not enter when the moon is full.

This is a Bristlecone forest, ancient trees dating back to time immemorial. It is hard to dance with a pine cone shoved up your assets but to each his own. Apparently, some on the other team like that sort of thing. Personally, I'd like to shove a CERT up their assets and tell them their breath stinks, but that's just me.

HellsGateNationalParkKenya_thumb.jpg There are dangers. Don't become the honored dinner guest at the devil's kitchen. Only the first key will keep you off the menu.

To obtain the second key, dance like your life depends on it (because it does) and don't let the cloven hooves crush your toes.

Many are called few are chosen . If you wish to pass out invitations, this invite has a Pixelknot embed on a "hare" trigger.

Last time around, The Samurai   performed his sword dance and proved his worth as  keymaster . However, those with knowledge know the raven will eat its fill, then the moon will swell to call the tune again. Be ready then for the second key.

Update: The time has come, dance music is queued, cue given, assets in place. Key Dropped .

The Devils Gun.gif