The Kenya Kid

When the key master  in Japan judges someone worthy of access, they still need the second key held in Kenya before meeting the gatekeeper in Uganda. Like Daft Bastard says, "ya canna find yer head wid boat hands, now Kenya".

The Kenya Kid (aka Sleezter) likes to fancy himself a real biker like Rey Perez but he is just a kid with a rinky-dink little Boda Boda bike. Don't sell him short though, he and "da braddas" will get data sticks and keys anywhere you want.

They will also make sure you will never find the gatekeeper unless you are truly worthy. You won't even make it to the Panther's Claw  unless you pass all the tests. They might even just nickname you "Stewy" and send you to a cannibal village. Who knows, strange things happen in their neck of the woods.