White Rabbit

Gladio Rap

album: The Hatter is Mad
category: Storm
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Lyrics by the Mad Hatter
Vocals By the White Rabbit
Music - "Spanish Winter" - The Passion HiFi

Gladio Rap

The Vatican
Be at it again
Said temporal power
to the Lotus flower

Get your red pill
Atlantic Council
Headin' to trial
Evil on speed dial

Gladio 2
More swamp stew
Served up thick
With a bag of tricks

Fools - playing for the wrong side
Tools - goin' take a bad ride
Soon - so be prepared
The moon - plays truth or dare

What rules the night
Brings dark to light
Don't fear the sun
Or the devil's gun

Quantum... It's very old
The story... has long been told

Love Broken Bones
Men - call them names
Skulls cry in shame...