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Who is the Most Evil Pope?

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Who is more wicked?
Is it Bergoglio on the left or Ratzinger on the right?

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Bergoglio (who became Pope Francis) is a veteran of the "dirty wars" in Argentina. He even "disappeared" his own Priests to the torture chambers when they didn't toe the line. He has continued with cover-up, after cover-up, of pedophilia and financial crimes. Even other prominent Catholics like Carlo Maria ViganĂ² have denounced him as a liar and fraud. His theology is so liberal and leftist that he has a concordat with communist China which "feeds the eye" 2 billion annually. His encyclical FRATELLI TUTTI (Tutti Frutti) is a communist manifesto. He is pushing communistic globalism and paganism. Under his rule, the Vatican has actually set up a statue of Molech at the Colosseum and openly worshiped the goddess Pachamama at the Vatican.
Ratzinger (who became Pope Benedict) was the Vatican's enforcer of Crimen Sollicitationis (characterized by legal experts as a blueprint for cover-up), for over twenty years. As Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (formerly known as the Office of the Inquisition ), he was responsible when victims were silenced, and pedophile Priests escaped prosecution to offend again. As pope, he continued the legacy of his predecessors in deception, perversion, money laundering, charity frauds, etc, etc. He resigned amid financial and homosexual scandals highlighted by Vatileaks. Now pope emeritus by day, he is free to be Darth Sidious by night at Castel Gandolfo.