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Tea Party Invite - Mad Hatter, Alice, White Rabbit

By: White Rabbit
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Our Tea Party invite went out a long time ago .

Some people are only now catching on to the significance.


First of all, both the good guys and bad guys have Tea Parties . They assign radically different meanings to the characters but both have the same need for metaphor. The use of pen names and code languages confuse adversaries.

proxy.duckdugo.com.jpg In the case of Hillary Rodham Clinton (Alice) and Marty Torrey (Mad Hatter), their use of the symbology relates to child trafficking. Not preventing it but carrying it out.

The traffickers are so crafty as to use churches, NGO's, and even anti-trafficking organizations as front groups to clothe their evil deeds in robes of righteousness.
Alex Podesta artwork depicts little white rabbits (children) being abused by adults dressed up as white rabbits. 
It is sick and if you follow this particular rabbit trail be prepared for absolute horror. It is far worse than just pedophilia and it is not limited to Saudi Arabia. That is just a window into it. It is worldwide and centered at the Vatican.

The good guys also have a Mad Hatter . He is a section head in an organization fighting this evil. In the symbology of the good guys, Alice is anyone interested in learning the truth (perhaps you). The White Rabbit is a guide, a messenger, and a gatekeeper. The role necessitates exposure so carries great risk. If a White Rabbit falls another must take their place.


In the context used by the good guys , this video You're a Superstar by Love Inc. is art imitating life. Watch carefully and you will see a person dressed as a White Rabbit and a team of Superstars (SS). They are rescuing little White Rabbits who are being held in cages. If you imagine they are children and the liquid being produced is adrenochrome , you are starting to wake up to reality.

Look up MK Ultra/Monarch programming, organ harvesting, and child trafficking. At the highest levels, it is the same people behind all of it. Rome is the very font of evil, a cradle of filth. There is an international order of evil that flows from its bowels.