The Shoveler

Those who stand behind this avatar support digging up the remains of the children who were abused and killed in the residential schools. The reason why is that traditional Catholics are still denying that the abuse and deaths took place, even though the pope publically apologized. They are not taking responsibility and displaying contrition for their devilish deeds.

The apology was also inflammatory, as the pope blamed Christians for the abuse but no authentic Christians were involved. The Roman cult tortured and killed over 50 million Christians during the inquisitions, so we are their victims too.

There has been no justice and no attempt to educate the public on Rome's Doctrine of Discovery which (like their wars, crusades, and inquisitions) spawned horrors beyond belief.

Perhaps hard evidence, like the actual bodies of their victims, would help to overcome their brainwashing and cognitive dissonance. Yes, "trad cats", Rome did evil before Vatican II. In fact, Rome has been doing evil for centuries and only those who buy into revisionist history think otherwise.

The horrendous abuse exposed in Ireland , babies taken from mothers and sold in Spain and Argentina, and the hundreds of thousands of cases of clergy abuse against orphans around the world, these stories have had some news coverage.

However,  there is no consensus of thought as Rome's spin doctors falsely label the abuse "fake news" and traditional Catholics are given a reason to hold on to false hope. It is easier for them to embrace lies than to admit their so-called "Church" has always committed and covered up crimes against children while simultaneously pretending to represent God.

When there is no other choice but to admit guilt, they downplay their role, isolate the incident from historical context so it seems like an aberration, make promises of reform they do not intend to keep, then carry on manipulating governments and raping children. Enough is enough, this evil must be destroyed !!!