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The Pope has lots of frienDS!

By Ohm63, 2020-12-23
The Pope has lots of frienDS!

The connections are global as we know very well. Here are some pics of those special moments.

Sachs accuses Trump

Sachs an advocate

Why was Sachs at the Vatican?

Sachs and Schwab to name two.

Part of the long game.

...it's a work in progress. The material is plentiful.

Who's in the wings?

The article for the optics.

Fullsized image

I think Mifsud's life just got a lot more complicated today....too bad.

"Their symbolism will be their downfall"...to borrow a phrase

     I am no wordsmith, so please pardon the dearth of prose. I will be leaving the optics, links and articles that I come across and all with a minimum of commentary.

I am a newb at this so I welcome constructive criticism from those more experienced then me.

Onward and Upward!

These two get honorable mention since ultimately they are all in the same club.


These aren't new, but like A famous coach believed....basics.


The next optics will link this....gotta sleep sometime. God bless.

If you look closely......



Good evening, I had some help from an oldfag and much appreciated.

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