Panther's Claw

The Panther's Claw acts as a liaison officer between the Black Watch and the Black Panther . He is perfectly positioned as a facilitator, allowing gatekeeping to be both effective and efficient.

Two keys are required, one from The Samurai and one from The Kenya Kid . Both keys must be turned simultaneously.

Daft Bastard , de facto leader of the Blackwatch, will then create a window of time where forward movement is possible. For a visual representation, here is a simplified logic chart

The PINK BUNNIES take gatekeeping very seriously, so much so that even their gatekeeper has a gatekeeper.

He was trained by a battle-hardened brute from Operation Panther's Claw . That's how he got his name. Some say his mentor went mad from PTSD and wiped out a village during a flashback. Others say thats just clown disinfo.

The truth is, the village was full of clowns who were rounding up kids for the pedo palace in Rome. That's why he wiped it out. The kids were rescued and there are still clowns being found, at least parts of them.