Ho Master

My name is HO CHI MINH TONG, and I am a true master of martial arts. Some call me Master Ho but the ladies call me Ho Master. I have learned to use the power of WOO to slay the demons in their womanly places.

My grandfather was an American G.I., my grandmother lived in a village along the trail where the white dragon left its tears. My father grew up to be a trafficker and the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

For years I traded seal penis and bear gallbladder with the Chinese. I smuggled moonshine from Saint-Pierre and life was good. Then the Frenchman lost his mind. His women drove him mad and now he rarely trades.

HO Island exists because women are complicated, dangerous creatures. It takes just one HOR to shift the balance of power among men of high positions. When women are involved, only masters of WOO who obtain the eyes of the oracle are able to keep their balance.

Trust me, it helps to have a HORS whisperer on the team. When dealing with the Frenchman, don't forget about the HORS he rode in on.