White Rabbit

The Fall of Rome - Rev. 17-18

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Duration: 00:16:39
The EU and the rest of Rome's globalist structures are doomed to fall, according to the sure word of prophecy

Not the false counter-reformation futurist view of prophecy invented by Rome and taught by 95% of Christendom today, including most conservative evangelicals.

Instead, the historicist view of prophecy taught by the reformers is playing out before our eyes. This interpretation sees the office of the Papacy as anti-Christ.

Not a single individual coming in the future but a dynasty of Popes heading a corrupt system that has for centuries been committing fornication with the Kings of the earth and persecuting the saints.

The political powers have been in bed with the Vatican, controlled by its money and secret societies. The swamp cannot be drained without stemming the flow of evil from Rome.

God said it would happen and Rev. 17-18 is soon to play out, the stage is set. If you are part of that system, get out now before it's too late.

Link - https://pinkbunnies.club/whiterabbit/blog/9/the-united-states-shadow-government